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《全民新聞台》[交通意外]兩的士互撞鏟上石壆傷5人 疑有人衝燈引致




A traffic accident involving two taxis carrying passengers occurred at the intersection of Gascoigne Road and Jordan Road in Yau Ma Tei at 4:22 am. One taxi carrying a male passenger was traveling eastbound on Jordan Road and collided with another taxi carrying a couple traveling towards Hung Hom on Gascoigne Road when they reached the traffic light at the intersection. The latter taxi ended up hitting the flower bed kerb at the base of the bridge and both vehicles sustained severe damage to their front ends.

The incident resulted in five injuries, including four men and one woman aged between 39 and 65 years old. All of the injured were taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital and were conscious when they were transported. The cause of the accident is suspected to be related to one of the parties running a red light, and the exact cause of the accident is pending an investigation by the police.






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