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《全民新聞台》[交通意外]沙頭角公路私家車自炒 尼泊爾裔男子送院搶救亡




警方呼籲任何人如目睹意外發生或有資料提供,請致電三六六一 三八○○或三六六一 三八六○與調查人員聯絡。

A deadly traffic accident occurred on Sha Tau Kok Road at 8:27 pm. According to reports, a private car was traveling in the direction of Sheung Shui on the Sha Tau Kok Road - Lung Yeuk Tau section when it lost control and crashed into seven metal guardrails and several water barriers at the junction with Tsui Wan Road. The car then collided with flower beds and two road signs before coming to a stop.

The 62-year-old Nepalese driver was trapped in the car and was unconscious. Firefighters arrived at the scene and rescued the driver, who was then rushed to North District Hospital for emergency treatment. However, he was pronounced dead after resuscitation efforts. According to reports, the driver was a domestic helper on his way to pick up his employer's wife when the accident occurred. Traffic on Sha Tau Kok Road was congested for a period of time while the police investigated the cause of the accident at the scene.






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