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《全民新聞台》[交通意外]翠屏南邨男子被困小巴車底 消防喝停救出輕傷




At 10:41 pm, a traffic accident occurred at the opposite side of Tsui Wing House, Tsui Ping South Estate, in Kwun Tong. A minibus on a dedicated line from Kwun Tong MTR Station to Tsui Ping South Estate was preparing to depart after arriving at the Kwun Tong (Tsui Ping Road) Bus Terminus. During the preparation, a man in his fifties who had just gotten off the minibus was caught in the left wheel well of the vehicle. Coincidentally, a fire truck was handling a fire nearby and a firefighter noticed the incident and immediately ordered the driver to stop.

The firefighter quickly got off the truck and rescued the man who was found trapped in his clothes. The man's left shoulder was injured, but he was conscious and was sent to United Christian Hospital for treatment. According to the minibus driver, he did not notice anyone being hit at the time of the accident.







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