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《全民新聞台》[交通意外]荃灣車禍女途人慘變人肉三文治 手腳骨折送院治理





Traffic Accident in Tsuen Wan Injures Pedestrian

A traffic accident occurred at 7:05 pm today at the intersection of Wing Shun Street and Yi Hong Street in Tsuen Wan. Two private cars, a black one and a white one, collided at the location, resulting in injuries to a pedestrian.

The 23-year-old female pedestrian was trapped between a wall and the car hood after the white car lost control and rammed into the pedestrian path. Firefighters and police officers responded and rescued the injured woman. She suffered broken bones in her hands and feet and was sent to Queen Mary Hospital for treatment. The pedestrian was conscious when arriving at the hospital.

The female driver of the black car and two female passengers in the white car felt unwell and went to Yan Chai Hospital for medical checkup. The police investigated at the scene and believe one of the driver failed to follow the traffic signal, causing the accident.

The police have arrested the 38-year-old female driver for dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm. The pedestrian is expected to make a full recovery, though she will require surgery and physical therapy, according to hospital officials.

Residents have expressed concern over traffic safety at the intersection. The Transport Department will conduct an assessment of the area, including reviewing traffic controls and visibility. Police have warned drivers to obey all traffic laws to prevent similar accidents from happening again.







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