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《全民新聞台》[國際新聞]德國議會通過決議 4月起將娛樂用大麻合法化

德國議會通過決議 4月起將娛樂用大麻合法化


德國議會通過決議 4月起將娛樂用大麻合法化




The German parliament voted in favour on Friday of legalizing the possession and controlled cultivation of cannabis starting in April. The new law will allow individuals to obtain up to 25 grams of cannabis per day for personal use through regulated associations. It will also permit citizens to grow up to three cannabis plants at home.

However, possession and use will remain prohibited for anyone under 18 years old. Health Minister Karl Lauterbach had called on MPs to back the controversial bill, arguing the current situation with unregulated cannabis on the black market poses unacceptable health risks, especially for young people.

The opposition CDU party disagreed, with Simone Borchardt claiming the new law will only increase health dangers. She accused the three governing coalition parties of prioritizing ideology over public health. Debates around the new cannabis legislation have caused tensions within Chancellor Olaf Scholz's governing alliance of Social Democrats, Greens and liberal FDP.

Their original pledge was to go further by legalizing cannabis sales in shops, but the EU rejected this. Medical groups have also widely criticized the bill. Public opinion in Germany is divided on the issue, according to a YouGov poll, with 47% in support and 42% against the government's plan. The new rules are scheduled to take effect from April.

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