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《全民新聞台》[港聞]中一派位結果「智方便」塞車 家長一度苦等數小時





Results of junior high school placement announced today; long waits frustrate parents.

The Education Bureau released the placement results for incoming junior high students today, but many parents were left waiting in frustration due to system delays and network issues. The bureau used its new "iAM Smart" platform for the first time this year to allow parents to check results online. However, the system seemed overwhelmed by traffic and appeared unresponsive for hours.

"Since 8am this morning, the system has not been working at all. We can't check the results," said a parent who complained to the Hong Kong media. Other parents reported waiting for over 3 hours unsuccessfully trying to access the site.

The Education Bureau apologized for the inconvenience, blaming the lengthy process of verifying and updating enrollment data from participating schools for the delays, not the system itself. "Data updates were completed at 11:40am and we have explained the situation to inquiring parties," the bureau said in a statement. However, the poor user experience sparked criticism over the bureau's handling of this annual process.






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