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《全民新聞台》[港聞][交通意外][有片]青馬大橋六車連環相撞 多人受傷送院

青馬大橋六車連環相撞  多人受傷送院
青馬大橋六車連環相撞 多人受傷送院 攝 : 林棟權 來源:全民新聞





At 6:52 pm, a multi-vehicle collision occurred on the Tsing Ma Bridge towards Kowloon direction, causing traffic disruption and leaving several injured. The accident was triggered by a rear-end collision between a taxi and a private car, which then resulted in four other vehicles being involved in the chain reaction.

Thankfully, the taxi driver and passenger emerged unscathed from the incident. However, six men and one woman from the other vehicles sustained injuries and were promptly sent to Princess Margaret Hospital for medical attention.

In an unfortunate turn of events, two additional accidents took place on the opposite lane during the traffic disruption. Two vehicles collided towards the direction of Lantau Island, but fortunately, no one required hospitalization.

The incident caused minor delays on the Tsing Ma Bridge, but the situation was eventually resolved, and traffic resumed to normal by approximately 8 pm. The authorities are currently investigating the cause of the accident and are urging motorists to exercise caution while driving on the bridge.







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