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《全民新聞台》[港聞]城門隧道凌晨實施「易通行」 5時正式啟用






Starting from 5 am this morning, the "HKeToll" service will be implemented in the Cross-Harbour Tunnel. Drivers will be able to pass through the toll plaza directly, and all manual toll booths and Autotoll lanes will be cancelled.

To facilitate the implementation of the "HKeToll" service, special traffic arrangements will be made for the Cross-Harbour Tunnel. Starting from 4:30 am, all lanes of the tunnel will be closed for the closure of the toll booths. The implementation of the "HKeToll" is similar to the one adopted in the previous implementation of the Tseung Kwan O Tunnel. There will be a gantry at the tunnel entrance to detect vehicles and identify license plates. Vehicles that have not paid the toll will receive an electronic notice within seven working days and must pay the toll within 14 days of passing through the tunnel, or they will be charged an additional fee.

According to data, the authorities have issued 720,000 vehicle stickers, accounting for 89% of all licensed vehicles in Hong Kong. The Transport Department encourages vehicle owners to set up the "HKeToll" payment method as soon as possible for smoother use in the future.






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