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《全民新聞台》[港聞]大坑西街疑氣體爆炸 一名工人燒傷送院




An industrial accident occurred at around 4:13 pm in Shek Kip Mei Tai Hang Sai Street. It was reported that the Water Supplies Department was carrying out water pipe laying works opposite Nam Shan Estate market. Two workers were working on site when one of them dug a hole and suddenly yellow smoke erupted from the pipe followed by an explosion. The pipeline was damaged with a small hole blown open and blackened by smoke.

One of the 50-year-old workers was unable to escape in time and suffered burns to his hands and face. Paramedics arrived and provided initial treatment before transporting the victim to Princess Margaret Hospital for emergency medical attention. The accident temporarily closed the road in both directions, and the situation is being investigated by CLP personnel.






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