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《全民新聞台》[港聞]大埔消防細搶車翻側路中 撞毀鐵欄波及一輛新界的士


今日下午5時許,消防出動一輛消防細搶救車,沿安埔路近南運路前往執行先遣急救行動,右轉入安埔路駛至怡雅苑對開時,疑失控撞向路中石壆後翻側,消防車撞毀路邊鐵欄,剛巧一輛新界的士駛過被鐵欄擊中,右邊車身損毀,車窗破裂。消防車擋風玻璃破裂及出現漏油情況 ; 另派出消防隊員到場舖上沙泥,意外中並無人受傷。警方正調查意外原因。

This afternoon at around 5:00 pm, a fire rescue vehicle was dispatched to An Po Road near Nam Wan Road for an emergency operation. However, the vehicle allegedly lost control and overturned after hitting a stone barrier in the middle of the road. The fire truck crashed into an iron fence on the roadside, which incidentally hit a passing New Territories taxi, causing damage to the right side of the vehicle and shattering its window. The windshield of the fire truck was also broken, and it was reportedly leaking oil. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and firefighters were dispatched to the scene to spread sand and absorbent clay. Police are currently investigating the cause of the incident.

文 : 林棟權

攝 : Loki

English Editor: Area 51





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