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《全民新聞台》[港聞]大老山公路致命意外釀一死一傷 貨車司機被捕

大老山公路致命意外釀一死一傷  貨車司機被捕
大老山公路致命意外釀一死一傷 貨車司機被捕


大老山公路致命意外釀一死一傷 貨車司機被捕




大老山公路致命意外釀一死一傷  貨車司機被捕
大老山公路致命意外釀一死一傷 貨車司機被捕 攝:Loki

Fatal traffic accident on Tate's Cairn Highway leaves one dead and one injured, truck driver arrested

At around 10:38am, a fatal traffic accident occurred near Pictorial Garden on Tate's Cairn Highway in Sha Tin. A private car collided with a taxi on the highway. The two drivers then stopped to assess the damage and discuss compensation matters. At that time, a 10.4-tonne truck rammed into the stationary private car from behind. The private car driver and taxi driver were thrown to the ground with serious injuries.

Emergency personnel rushed both victims to the hospital but the private car driver later succumbed to his injuries. Police subsequently arrested the truck driver on suspicion of "bodily harm by dangerous driving" and "dangerous driving" to aid with investigations. The exact cause of the accident is still under review.






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