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《全民新聞台》[港聞]妒忌女友對寵物比自己好 勞工督察殘酷對待動物罪成判囚3個月





Labor Officer Sentenced for Cruelty to Dogs

A 30-year-old labour officer, Law Ka-kin, was sentenced to three weeks in prison today for abusing his girlfriend's two dogs last year. According to court documents, Law Ka-kin viciously beat and abused the dogs on multiple occasions between July 21 and August 8, causing them physical harm.

Law Ka-kin met the dogs' owner, his girlfriend, in May 2022. To make it easier for him to care for the dogs when she was not home, she gave him extra keys to access the house. But in August, she noticed that one of the dogs was barking at Law Ka-kin frequently and acting strangely. After reviewing the home's security footage, she saw Law Ka-kin stomping on the dogs' heads, kicking them, and even hitting them with a stool.

Horrified by the abuse, she broke up with Law Ka-kin and reported him to the police. Law Ka-kin admitted in court that he was jealous of the attention and care his girlfriend gave to the dogs, and took out his anger and jealousy on the helpless animals.

Though Law Ka-kin's defence argued that he had no criminal record, a positive report, and the dogs were not seriously injured, the judge said the abuse was repeated, forceful, and in some cases used weapons. The judge rejected the plea for leniency, sentencing Law Ka-kin to three weeks in prison for the repeated cruelty.

The case shocked the community and highlighted the need to prevent the abuse of defenceless animals. Law Ka-kin will begin serving his sentence immediately.


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