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《全民新聞台》[港聞]律敦治醫院老人科男病房 再有一名80歲病人確診


律敦治醫院咋日公布,早前一個老人科男病房有病人組群確診, 該病再有一名80歲病人出現呼吸道感染徵狀,院方已為病人進行所需測試,結果對2019冠狀病毒病呈陽性反應。有關病人現正接受隔離治療,情況穩定。



Ruttonjee Hospital has one more 80-year-old patient in the ward had presented with respiratory symptoms. Appropriate tests had been arranged for the patient and the test result was positive to COVID-19. The patient concerned is being treated under isolation and is in stable condition.

Admission to the ward and visiting arrangements have been suspended. Infection control measures have already been stepped up according to established guidelines. All other patients in the ward are under close surveillance.

The case has been reported to the Hospital Authority Head Office and the Centre for Health Protection for necessary follow-up.

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