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《全民新聞台》[港聞]新冠變異株Arcturus擴散29國 印度連續4天破萬宗病例



被稱為Arcturu的新冠Omicron亞變種病毒XBB.1.16, 是BA.2的分支,是已知傳染力最強的Omicron變異株,印度更連續4天破萬宗病例,須重推口罩令。




The newly discovered Omicron subvariant virus named Arcturu XBB.1.16 is a branch of BA.2, known as the most infectious Omicron variant. For four consecutive days, India reported over 10,000 cases, requiring the re-recommendation of masks.

Hong Kong has also recorded several cases. Professor David SC HUI, an adviser to the government's advisory committee and Chairman & Stanley Ho Professor of Respiratory Medicine under the Department of Medicine & Therapeutics, said that for the time being, residents do not need to worry. There has been no sudden increase in death and severe cases in places with outbreaks. Tsang said that the current orally administered new crown drugs are still effective against Arcturu. Those who have been infected or vaccinated against the new crown still have T-cell responses in their bodies to deal with this virus.

Arcturu virus was first discovered in India and has now been found in 29 countries and regions worldwide. Indian media reported that infected people may experience symptoms such as sore throat, fever, muscle pain, and may also cause conjunctivitis. Children infected afterwards more often develop keratitis around the eyes. The World Health Organization said that based on current reports, it has not seen an increase in hospitalization or deaths, but is closely monitoring the situation.

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