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《全民新聞台》[港聞 ](有片) 竹園南邨晚上邨發生火警 單位戶主疑忘記關煮食爐所致

黃大仙竹園南邨發生火警 攝 : 林棟權 來源:全民新聞


今日晚上約8時,黃大仙竹園南邨發生火警,富園樓14樓一個單位突然起火,冒出大量黑煙,火勢非常猛烈,多名街坊報警求助。消防趕至出動一條喉及一隊煙帽隊灌救 ,大約50名居民疏散到安全地方,消防至晚上8時半將火救熄,無人受傷。涉事單位戶主趕回現場協助調查,經初步調查後,不排除有人離家疑忘記關煮食爐引致火警火,火警原因沒有可疑。

A fire broke out at around 8pm last night at the Chuk Yuen South Estate in Wong Tai Sin. The blaze originated from a unit on the 14th floor of Fu Yuen House, causing substantial amounts of black smoke to billow into the air. The fire grew in intensity quickly, prompting multiple residents to call for assistance. The fire department responded promptly, dispatching a hose and a team of smoke hood personnel to the scene. Around 50 residents were evacuated to safety.

The fire was eventually extinguished by the fire department at around 8:30pm, and thankfully, no injuries were reported. The owner of the unit in question returned to the scene to aid in the investigation. The preliminary investigation suggests that the fire was likely caused by someone leaving their cooking stove on and forgetting to turn it off before leaving their home. There is no suspicious cause of the fire.

文/攝 : 林棟權





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