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《全民新聞台》[港聞]粉嶺超市磚牆倒塌 驚險幸無人受傷


下午大概4時,粉嶺聯捷街2號地下一間超及市場內,發生磚牆倒塌意外。超級市場內近凍櫃頂部一位置突然一幅2米 x 0.5米磚牆塌下,凍櫃被擊中輕微受損。


At around 4 pm in the afternoon, an accident involving a collapsed brick wall occurred inside a supermarket located on the ground floor of 2 Luen Chit Street, Fanling. Suddenly, a 2-meter x 0.5 meter section of brick wall near the top of a freezer collapsed, causing minor damage to the freezer.

Fortunately, there were no pedestrians passing by at the time of the accident, and no one was injured. Debris from the collapsed wall was scattered all over the supermarket aisle. After employees cleaned up the debris, the supermarket resumed normal operations, and maintenance workers were arranged to handle the repairs later.







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