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《全民新聞台》[港聞] 鄧炳強稱有必保留禁蒙面法 並不會影響市民日常生活



Security chief Chris Tang stated on Wednesday that Hong Kong still faces national security risks, and therefore is necessary to retain the ban on masks in public gatherings and unauthorized assemblies under the Public Order Ordinance.

He emphasized that the mask ban only applies to public gatherings and marches under the Public Order Ordinance and does not affect citizens' daily lives when wearing masks. Whether it is illegal for citizens to wear masks during public gatherings or marches depends on individual circumstances, including whether the individuals involved have reasonable justifications. He also pointed out that the law has listed several situations in which citizens can still wear masks during processions, including for religious, medical, and health reasons.

Tang added that having a face covering for health or religious reasons was acceptable under the law, but a gas mask or a "V for Vendetta mask" would be another story.

文 : Area 51





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