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《全民新聞台》[港聞]34歲男偷拍3女童裙底 涉「窺淫罪」被捕




During an anti-vice operation by the Police Special Tactical Squad in the Happy Valley-Wan Chai district, a suspicious male was spotted on Leighton Road. The police intercepted and searched him, and suspected that he had taken inappropriate photos of three young girls with his mobile phone. The police subsequently arrested a 34-year-old local man surnamed Lam on suspicion of "voyeurism".

The case was handed over to the 7th team of the Wan Chai Criminal Investigation Division for further investigation. After a thorough investigation, the arrested man has been charged with two counts of "unlawful photography of private parts" and one count of "operating equipment for the purpose of taking photos of private parts". He is scheduled to appear in the Eastern Magistrates' Courts tomorrow morning.

文:Area 51





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