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AbouThai, a chain department store with 26 branches, has closed its "ABT AbouThai Convenience Store" located in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong. The closure comes after several AbouThai branches were sued for rent arrears since February, involving an amount of nearly 1.3 million Hong Kong dollars. AbouThai entered the convenience store market at the beginning of last year and expressed an intention to actively develop street shops. The closure of the convenience store in Sham Shui Po was due to the expiration of its lease, according to AbouThai customer service.

Mike Lam King-nam, the founder of grocery chain AbouThai, who pleaded guilty to subversion in Hong Kong’s largest national security trial, has severed ties with the “yellow economic circle”, said the business was no longer linked to the “yellow economic circle”, describing the movement as “wrong”.

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