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《CVRHK International News》Strong Earthquake Rocks Colombia's Capital Triggers Powerful Aftershock


In a startling turn of events, Colombia's bustling capital and several major cities were rattled by a formidable earthquake, swiftly followed by a potent aftershock on Thursday. 8 000 people are estimated to have felt very strong shaking, 340 000 strong, and 6 725 000 moderate. No immediate casualties or significant damage have been reported so far.

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the initial quake clocked in at a preliminary magnitude of 6.3, while the subsequent aftershock measured a preliminary magnitude of 5.7. The epicentres of both seismic events were traced back to a location approximately 100 miles (160 kilometres) southeast of Bogota, as confirmed by the USGS. The midday quake sent shockwaves through the city of 11 million, causing buildings to tremble and floors to quake.

Witnesses described the terrifying scene as everything around them began to sway uncontrollably. "Everything was moving, and people came out screaming, 'It's shaking, it's shaking!'" recounted Gonzalo Martin, a resident of Bogota. The tremor prompted a surge of individuals to rush out onto the streets, seeking refuge from the unsettling vibrations.

As alarms blared throughout Bogota, residents hastily abandoned their homes, with throngs of people converging in the city's thoroughfares. The earthquake's impact reverberated across other major urban centres like Medellín and Cali.

Reporting by Sophie Valkyrie

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