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《全民新聞台》[港聞]向警員及無線新聞記者射水狙擊 25歲YouTuber被捕





YouTuber's Watery Assault on Police Earns Him Arrest

A YouTuber was arrested today for dousing police officers and reporters with water during a festival celebration. The man, 25, is known for his "Bravedogdog" YouTube channel where footage of the incident can still be viewed.

According to witnesses and the video, the YouTuber deliberately targeted police monitoring the Songkran Festival in Kowloon City. He wore a red shirt and repeatedly shot them with a water gun as part of the celebrations. He also soaked a television news crew filming the event.

Police said the man's actions were premeditated and unacceptable. "We will not tolerate any behavior intended to harass or endanger law enforcers or members of the public," a spokesperson said. "Further arrests are possible as we continue to investigate."

The YouTuber was previously detained for disrupting public order by shouting insults at Abouthai.


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