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《全民新聞台》[港聞]Baby-Clan親子網 男負責人及女董事被捕




網店 Baby-clan 涉嫌於網上社交平台預售尿片套票接受客人付款後,未有按承諾在指定日期或合理時間內,向客人供應有關貨品,亦未有安排任何退款。海關早前接獲多宗舉報,海關對事件高度關注,經調查後,海關拘捕涉案46歲男負責人及一名46歲女董事,兩人現正保釋候查。


​Hong Kong Customs today (May 18) mounted an enforcement operation and arrested a female director of an online diaper retailer suspected of engaging in wrongly accepting payments on selling presale coupons of diapers on the Internet, in contravention of the Trade Descriptions Ordinance (TDO). Customs arrested a man-in-charge of the online diaper retailer yesterday (May 17).

Customs earlier received numerous complaints alleging that a diaper retailer sold presale coupons of diapers through a social media platform but failed to supply the ordered goods within the specified date or a reasonable period after accepting payments from a number of customers. Also, no refund was offered. The online diaper retailer even changed the delivery date several times for different reasons, but ultimately did not supply the relevant products to the customers.

After investigations, Customs officers yesterday arrested the man-in-charge, aged 46, of the online diaper retailer. A 46-year-old female director suspected to be involved in the case was further arrested today. An investigation is ongoing and the two arrested persons have been released on bail pending further investigation.

Customs has been paying close attention to and following up closely with the incident, and called on members of the public affected to provide information. As at yesterday, Customs had received a total of 216 complaints regarding the online diaper retailer, involving diaper packages amounting to about $230,000. Customs has all along been concerned about illegal online sales activities. It has strived to combat unfair trade practices on websites to protect consumers’ interests.

文 : Area 51

攝 : 林棟權





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