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《CVRHK Latest News》 (International) King Charles III is officially crowned in London


In a momentous event that captivated the world's attention, The U.K.'s King Charles III and Camilla, the queen consort, were officially crowned as king and queen during a coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey in London on Saturday. The archbishop declared "God save the King" as the ceremony began, and following his oath, the new monarch received the anointing, blessing, and consecration from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The coronation culminated with the crowning of King Charles III with the St. Edward's Crown, marking the first coronation ceremony for a monarch in England in 70 years, since his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was crowned in 1953. This historic event marks the beginning of a new era for the British monarchy and the country as a whole, as King Charles III takes on his new role as head of state.

The coronation was attended by over 2,000 guests, including world leaders, aristocrats, and celebrities, and was watched by millions of people worldwide. The congregation erupted in cheers of "God save King Charles" as the ceremony began, accompanied by the resounding notes of trumpets.

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Meanwhile, outside, a massive crowd of tens of thousands of spectators, soldiers, and a few protesters gathered to witness the procession of the gilt-trimmed, horse-drawn carriage that carried the king from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. The final mile of the journey marked the culmination of a seven-decade journey for Charles, from heir to monarch, and was a testament to the enduring traditions of the British monarchy.

To the Royal Family and the UK government, the coronation ceremony of King Charles III, which was code-named Operation Golden Orb, is a momentous occasion that represents the country's rich heritage, traditions, and unparalleled spectacle. The event serves as a reminder of the enduring power and influence of the British monarchy, highlighting the country's cultural and historical significance on the world stage. The coronation of King Charles III represents a new chapter in the history of the British monarchy, and the government and people of the UK are united in their celebration of this momentous occasion.

Writing by Sophie Valkyrie

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