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《全民新聞台》[港聞]元朗拘捕一男涉販毒 合共檢獲毒品約值850萬

元朗拘捕一男涉販毒  合共檢獲毒品約值850萬
元朗拘捕一男涉販毒 合共檢獲毒品約值850萬


元朗拘捕一男涉販毒 合共檢獲毒品約值850萬


新界北行動組人員在德業街截查可疑男子,檢獲約260克涉及氯胺酮。 其後搜索上址工業大廈一單位,共檢獲17.5公斤懷疑氯胺酮,以及毒品包裝工具,市值大約850萬元。


Man Arrested in Yuen Long on Drug Trafficking Charges, Drugs Worth Approximately $8.5 Million Seized

Members of the Counter Triad Unit of the New Territories North Regional Crime Squad acted on a tip-off and conducted an in-depth investigation. On the evening of January 5th, they arrested a 25-year-old local man in Yuen Long.

Personnel from the New Territories North Action Unit stopped and searched a suspicious man on Tak Yip Street, seizing approximately 260 grams of suspected ketamine. A subsequent search of an industrial building unit at the address yielded a total of 17.5 kilograms of suspected ketamine as well as drug packaging paraphernalia, with an estimated market value of around $8.5 million.

The arrested man is facing drug trafficking charges and is being detained for questioning. Police have stated they do not rule out further arrests. They remind the public that drug trafficking is a serious offense that carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment and a $5 million fine upon conviction.






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